At ClearSight, our goal is to get your vision to a point
that glasses and contacts never could.

What does 20/20
really mean?

If you’ve ever had an eye exam, you have almost certainly seen an eye chart. To say that someone has 20/20 vision is another way of saying that they can read a specific line on that chart from 20 feet away.

20/20 vision is considered amazing vision, and is the goal for anyone wearing glasses & contacts. But 20/20 isn’t the best that we can see. If someone has 20/16 vision or better, that means that they can read even smaller letters and numbers from that same 20 feet away.

ClearSight can get you there!

a pair of glasses and an image chart

After they see us, the MAJORITY of our patients
see BETTER than 20/20…

*Eye charts from 20 feet away.

eye charts that demonstrate different levels of vision

Meet some of our patients who now
see better than 20/20

Happy ClearSight ICL Patient
Scott K.

Happy ClearSight ICL Patient

Happy ClearSight ICL Patient
Angela R.

Happy ClearSight LASIK Patient

Happy ClearSight ICL Patient
George P.

Happy ClearSight LASIK Patient

2020 or it's free, that's the Clearsight Guarantee

20/20 or it’s FREE, That’s Our Guarantee!

We mean business when it comes to your results. Because we believe in the quality of what we do, we will refund your entire procedure cost if you don’t see 20/20 or better.
that's the clearsight guarantee, 20/20 or it's free

We LOVE what we do,
and it looks like our
patients do too!

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