Need Some Reassurance That You’re Making The Right Decision? Check Out Our Guarantees.

That's the clearsight guarantee, 20/20 or it's free,

We want you to feel confident that you’ve made the best choice before your procedure. Here’s how we provide reassurance that LASIK at ClearSight is the best decision you can make about your vision:


20/20 Money Back Guarantee

Our 20/20 Money Back Guarantee means that if you don’t achieve 20/20 vision from LASIK at ClearSight we’ll refund your fee in full. We understand you don’t want your money back – you want the best vision possible – so this Money Back Guarantee is the best assurance we can give that you’ll achieve the vision you want.

We are the only surgeons in OKC confident enough in our results to offer a full refund if you don’t achieve at least 20/20 vision. Dr. Luke won’t approve you for LASIK if he doesn’t believe that you’ll see at least as well, if not better, than you see with your glasses or contacts. When he does green-light your procedure, you’ll have the added reassurance that your financial investment is fully protected.


All-Laser Guarantee

At ClearSight, we understand that it takes the best technology to achieve the very best results. We also understand that every patient’s needs are different. We stay ahead of the curve when it comes to updating our technology because we want to ensure the best possible solution for each patient’s unique situation and achieve the best possible results. That’s why we have 3 unique lasers for completely customized treatments, and we guarantee an all-laser procedure for every LASIK patient.


Lifetime Commitment

We are committed to helping you enjoy great vision for as long as we can. If your vision changes, our Lifetime Commitment gives you the assurance that any helpful LASIK or PRK fine-tuning procedures will be free or very affordable. Why is this important? There are two reasons:

Early Fine-tuning: The cornea is living tissue, and healing patterns vary from person to person and can also depend on your age when the procedure is performed. Occasionally, once the healing process is done, it is desirable to fine-tune the results.

Changes due to aging: Clear vision gained through LASIK typically lasts many years. However, most people will eventually experience changes in their vision due to aging. When that happens, we work with our patients to determine if a LASIK or PRK fine tuning procedure is likely to be a good long term fix or if a different, non-covered procedure would be a better long term solution.

What’s the difference between ClearSight’s Lifetime Commitment and programs offered by other centers? The Lifetime Commitment included with our 20/20 Or It’s Free Vision Plan uniquely requires no annual eye exams in order to stay valid, meaning you aren’t required to provide proof that you’ve maintained yearly checkups. This seemingly small difference will save you money and time for years to come.

You will receive full details on all of our Guarantees when you come in for your Free Consultation.